November 10, 2012

Wes has been over in New York the past week filming behind the scenes for the Global Poverty Project’s Global Citizen Festival. He has been working non-stop but absolutely loving it. I’m so jealous that he is in New York, while I am at home working through pre-production for a new music video clip for Kim Churchill.

‘Sarah’ is a new release for him and he wanted a clip that reflected the story behind the song. Collaborating with Kim Churchill while he has been on the road, Wes in New York and myself here in Melbourne has been interesting. I sometimes wake up in the morning ready to start putting together, what I spoke with Wes about the night before – to find emails changing my priority list completely.

As this music clip is on short notice, and the budget is small we kept the locations close by and called in many favours with our favourite crew members. Thanks to Luke Swindells, Claire Hartlieb – Baudouin, James Connell, Dan Abbot and the stunning Miranda Skerman for spending three days with us crazy people! Over three days we filmed in our local park with a group of dedicated extras – showing up even though there was a little rain! Then a beautiful local bookstore – Can Do Books as well as the delicious Upon a Tailor Café, that served as location as well as keeping us fed and caffeinated.

Tomorrow is our last day of shooting, and we have left the easy part until last. Scheduled today is just a few shots in an apartment and along the streets.

I can hear Wes editing away at the video clip. He has been able to edit at the end of each day and pick out the shots he wants. So this makes the end editing process a lot shorter. His direction and pre-production work while in New York couldn’t be more detailed. As he is not the biggest fan of the editing process – it really cuts down his time at the computer screen. Plus, the better prepared the producer and director before filming begins the better the shots and you don’t go into postproduction with missing shots.

That is how we like to work!

Well, the video clip has been released! It looks fantastic and is getting a very good response. I am really proud of our work on this video clip and I feel it really works with the song. It’s my favourite Kim Churchill song and he was such a champion throughout the whole process.

Check it out!!

Mia de Rauch, Producer

Check out more about Kim at –

Thanks to Alice Laidlaw for the photos –

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