We have recently been collaborating with an amazing recording studio based in Brunswick, “The Wick”.

We wanted to start working with them to build packages that included album or EP recordings along with all the video production, photography and marketing a band needs to get started or take the next step.

This is how we came to film a full live DVD for Shaun Kirk. “The Wick Sessions” is a live album, recorded in The Wick studios. It was like getting our own intimate live show of Shaun Kirk…through camera lenses. Then, that’s how the young people watch live gigs these days, isn’t it?

Essentially for the live DVD we had a day of set-up (including hiring some awesome SAE students and a few cameras) and two days to record. It was an intense, long few days but I really think it’s going to be worth it and look absolutely amazing.

Shaun has always been told that his live shows are better than his albums, as he plays all the instruments himself. He has the one-man band thing going, so actually watching him play his guitar, harmonica and electric drums is pretty fun.

Most of the DVD was shot on Canon’s, and we even hired a jib arm at the last minute. Thanks, Ben’s Camera Hire!

The footage will be cut together into a full live DVD, featuring all the songs on the album. So you can get a whole “The Wick Sessions” package of CD and DVD. Three of the songs will be released earlier as promotional teasers for Shaun Kirk’s social media pages to really build up excitement and momentum into his release.

Mia de Rauch, Producer


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