Hi everyone, Wes and I are on what we classify as a holiday!

The term ‘Holiday’ is defined as filming and producing music clips and videos in a new location.

We have flown here to King Island for a week to film the first ever Festival of King Island. It has the amazing food of King Island, a massive waterslide and great local music.

Our friend Kim Churchill was invited by a local to be the headlining act. It fitted into his touring schedule, so he called us to do some promotional clips and here we are.

We are on our last day here and it has been amazing. Intense, really busy, but King Island is such a beautiful place it hasn’t really felt like work. The people of King Island have been nothing but accommodating, giving us shelter, food and surf.

We have been staying at the Greenfields Cottages, near where the festival was held. You get a bed, a warm roaring fire and all the cheese you can eat.

Our first day we came straight to the festival, filming a few musicians, Kim Churchill and taking part in the pie eating competition!

Every day has been an early one and a late one to make sure we capture the real beauty of this place. We have been putting together footage and interviews for a promotional video for ‘Save King Island’. After the closure of an abattoir, the island has been struggling as people leave the community to seek jobs elsewhere. They really need a boost in tourism, so we wanted to show off the island for its natural wonders.

In there we also had to get three music videos for Kim Churchill done around his desperate need to surf. (Yes, I scheduled in two surfs a day – I’m a nice producer!)

Today, two wonderful locals took us for a tour of the island. Showing off the different beaches, wildlife and yes we drove around the whole island in a day. It’s not a big place!

So I think that’s about all we can fit on to the hard drive for now. I can’t believe we are already going home. It has been amazing to stay with Sonya at Greenfields, work with Kim George, and spend time with some amazing people.

Can’t wait to come back!

Mia de Rauch, Producer

Check Out more about Save King Island on their Facebook page, and Kim Churchill at kimchurchill viagra 100.com


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