Justine Switalla is a health industry professional who has just started up her own program for mums and mums to be pilules viagra pfizer.

The program is called Fit, Healthy Mums and we were hired to create all the videos for her clients.

In two Sundays we filmed 50 exercise videos, mindset videos, delicious recipes, great tips from a physiotherapist and a fun intro video. This is the great thing about our job, we can learn so much from others.

Justine was a great client and is running a wonderful program aimed at mindset and building a community for the daunting time of being a first-time mum.

This project was a quick turn around for our editing, but our crew kept things efficient onset; which made working easier in post production.

Mia de Rauch, Producer

Check out more about the progam at – fithealthymums.com

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