Our friend Shaun has committed himself to having a percentage of his profit for his new album go to a wonderful charity; Orphfund.

The charity looks after children around the world who are orphaned and vulnerable.

So we created a music video clip for his song “Give to the Needy” to promote the charity and his connection to it.

Orphfund helped by bringing in their cinematographer – Richard Wynn. We had captured footage of the kids and the activities in his time in Sierra Leone.

We were able to bring that footage into the clip along with our filming of Shaun.

The concept of the clip followed the meaning of the song. That there are people out there who need more, and others that have too much. Shaun was filmed creating a montage of photos of kids from Sierra Leon, Durban, South Africa and many other countries.

Another reason this clip was so much fun to film, was collecting materialistic things – TVs etc and having Shaun destroy them. He got to take a baseball bat to an old computer. The things that people discard and the children of Sierra Leon have never had.

This was a great clip to film and helped promote not only the song but Shaun’s album and his important cause.

Mia de Rauch, Producer

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