For our clients, ATPM, the video for Treasure Island, their pirate themed park was one of the most important. They were working on a huge amount of marketing for their Gold Coast holiday park and we had timed our trip to coincide with the opening of their new water park.

This area of the Gold Coast is all about the tourism and the theme parks. Treasure Island is one of their biggest parks and catering for families. We had extra days here as we also filmed a commercial for local television.

The official opening of the water park was so much fun with the kids from Make a Wish foundation. Everyone had a great time and we were able to run through the water with our new water protection housing on our Canon.

Even with the extra day we were still very busy trying to capture everything there is to offer at this park viagra generique ligne. It’s just big, and has so many different types of accommodation options. So there was a lot to pack into a short video.

Now, it’s time to head back down the coast, back through to the NSW parks that were rained out and home again.

Mia de Rauch, Producer

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