Mossgreen is really well known for their exhibitions. They exhibit a range of works and on this occasion, they were preparing to show Australian artist, Deborah Halpern. The video was like a short documentary, promoting the upcoming exhibition.

Deb Halpern is known for her large mosaics – mainly one at Birrarung Marr. The video was the story of Deb and her work for the exhibition. We interviewed her in her house, capturing her story in her environment. Mosaics are very detailed, so it was important that we highlighted the time and creativity that goes into all her works.

We had our intern with us for the first time, Blair and he did a fantastic job. Such a hard worker and really understands the camera.

A short documentary usually consists of an interview with the subject and sometimes people part of the story with montage shots. For this video, the filming needed to be artistic and colourful. Which wasn’t difficult in her beautiful mountain home and studio. Little bits of tile everywhere and moulded metal netting around the place. The beginning of new pieces, small and large.

It is always fascinating being welcomed into someone else’s world. We love meeting new people and everyone has an interesting story that needs to be told. It’s just about asking the right questions.

Again, we were under time pressure – as the video needed to be ready for marketing prior to the exhibition. With collaboration with the client and Deb, I think we were able to bring her story across in a beautiful way.


Mia de Rauch, Producer

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