Video has become an essential for every business marketing plan. Google and Facebook both love videos. As they can tell your story in a short and precise way. They are also great to connect with current and potential new clients. You can create your own DIY videos just for this!

However, now just one professional video on your website is not enough. To build brand awareness, client trust and stay ahead of your competitors’ regular videos are a must. I would recommend weekly videos of all different styles.

Some options would be:

  • Informative videos straight to camera

  • Testimonials from happy clients

  • Product promotions

  • Daily updates.

As a small business, making room in the budget for marketing can be difficult. Social Media allows you to create brand awareness without blowing the budget. Plus, you can connect with your audience directly. Use social media to your advantage for your business. Social media is free! If you also create your own videos, you will have the budget to boost or push your video as advertising.

Check out the great and easy to use products that will help you create expert videos with your smartphone. It’s really simple and so great to get videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snap Chat – whatever your favourite forum!

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