Simple Video Styles

Video is a really versatile medium for promoting your business. There are many different styles and ways to create entertaining and informative videos.

Whether it be for email marketing campaigns, social media or as a simple way to connect with a new client avis viagra generique.

Here is a list of some video styles easy for you to create all on your own.

Informative “Piece to Camera”

Set up your camera so that you can film yourself speaking directly to camera. Hence the name “Piece to Camera” – you say your “piece” directly to the camera.

Filming videos like these gives your business a “face” – your face. Which humanises your brand and shows people how professional and knowledgeable in your industry.

This type of video is simple, you can do it all yourself. Set up your camera in a comfortable decision. (Consider your background, framing and lighting). When you are ready press record and talk. I recommend getting a teleprompter app for this (teleprompter – $12.99). If you don’t have to remember what you are saying you can concentrate more on everything else.


Rave reviews are brilliant for your business! Short videos from your clients are great proof that you are a trustworthy business.

You can ask your clients to video themselves talking about your business, or film them yourself.

Behind the Scenes

Show people what it looks like “behind the scenes” in the workshop, in the office or setting up for an event.

You can add so much to this style of video. Hello’s from happy, hard-working staff, a time lapse of your team setting up a conference space.

This style of video can bring an hour time frame or even three days into a short 30 second video. So much information can come across in this style and they are really entertaining.



Let’s just define a few of the things I said there.

A time lapse

If you have an iPhone you can set the video to this mode. It captures a set amount of time (however long you like). When you play it back it will speed it up – you can change how fast or slow it goes afterwards. It’s a great way to speed through some maybe not so interesting (if they were in real time) events.


Essentially a montage is a video that has many different clips all together.

So why not start with these three options to capture great videos for your business. They are simple and easy to do yourself. So grab your smartphone and go for it.

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