Technology is an awesome thing. It just keeps getting better and better. Sometimes this is a scary thing, by making video much more cost effective for people. At Killafish Productions we love it! It’s amazing to see video creation being made easier! It’s such a great marketing tool to help grow your business and tell your story. You can get so much information across in just one video.

So we have created a Smart Phone Video Kit that makes it even easier for you to create your own Social Media, email or website videos. The best part – the whole video can be done on your phone!


Our kit comes with:

A tripod – it keeps your shot stable, whether in your hand, on a table or attached to a pole or computer.

Smart Phone Video Kit Tripod.

Lenses – there are five different lenses that let you be really creative with your shots.

Professional Smart Phone Lenses.

Microphones – we have a range of different microphones depending on how active you want to be in your videos. From shotgun mics that capture your voice plus great sound around you, to lapel microphones perfect for talking to camera or testimonials.

Smart Phone Microphone Lapel.


The kit also has video tutorials so you can use your equipment to the best of it’s ability. We show you filming techniques and editing techniques on apps you can download or come with your phone for free.


Imagine what you can do! With a little training and practise you could be sending email videos to clients from filming to pressing send in TEN MINUTES!


See, it doesn’t take forever to create an amazing video to impress your clients.


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