Marketing is always changing – Thanks technology! The latest step is something that has been around for a while, but very under utilised – Digital Booklets.

If you are a small business, I’m assuming you are doing most (if not all) the marketing yourself. This makes keeping up with the latest marketing tools even harder. I bet in all that research and advice you have heard that having video is essential to your marketing. I’m not being biased – it IS essential to sell your business.

We have found a great way to utilize your videos for more than social media and your website.

Digital Booklets. They are like brochures, but on the inside is a small screen that automatically plays your videos when you open it. Like those birthday cards that play music.

Digital Booklet

So imagine that first meeting with a client, or a networking event where someone asks you about your business, event or your talent. Using the digital booklet you can impress them instantly with your video. Right there in their hands. No need to send a follow up email with links to videos that they may or may not open. Digital booklets take out the need for your potential client to take any other action other than opening it up. One step closer to being impressed by you.

So now you can use the power of video instantaneously. The booklets can be recharged and can be reloaded with new videos at any time. So you can leave them with a client or collaboration partner or keep them in your office ready to go for the next pitch.

They are great for photographers as well – use a slideshow of photos. The types of videos you can use on these booklets is varied

  • Testimonials from clients
  • Promotional Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Informational and How To Videos (we use them for our Smart Phone Video Kits)


We can put the digital booklets together for you. Ask us about getting them with great branding for your business.

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