Smart Phones…they really are smart.


These little devices can be your best business asset. I’m not talking about easy access to emails, I’m talking about video.


That little hunk of plastic and metal produces video to rival the professional gear. Films created almost entirely on smart phones are hitting the big festivals, like Sundance!


A professional videographer will be able to tell the difference between your phone and a $10,000 camera. But, if they aren’t your target market – does it matter?


To really impress with your DIY videos here are a few steps for improvement.



Sound –


For the types of videos most businesses will be doing – sound will actually be THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO GET RIGHT.

Average looking video can be salvaged with great audio.

Your smart phone mic isn’t made for capturing sound for video – it’s made for you to talk directly into for phone calls.

So an external mic is your best bet. Great news – they can be pretty cheap and produce much better results!

Lapel Mic – we are big fans of RODE. The lapel connects straight into your headphone jack and will pick up your voice a lot better when clipped to your clothing. It also takes out that annoying background noise that can muffle your important content.

We’ve seen a lot of people using their headphone microphones for the facebook live videos…just get a lapel microphone. Then you won’t look like you are listening to music while talking to me.

Shotgun – again go RODE. The videomicme is awesome. It focuses on the audio directly in front of the camera. It’s great if you are being active and moving a lot, and can pick up some nice ambient noise.


Tripods –


The handiest thing you will ever buy! We aren’t talking selfie sticks, we are talking about the proper thing here.

Tripods mean you can shoot hands free – giving you a little freedom. It will help stop the shaking hand movements that could make your video a little hard to watch.

The ones we suggest just clamp onto your phone, so they are really easy to use.

The iStabiliser SpyderFlex is compact, squishy and bendy. So you can twist the legs to fit over things, or it stands easily on a desk.

The istabiliser Mini Tripod is also really compact, but the legs extend out to different heights depending on what you need. So you can have full standing shots, for those fitness inspo videos we all love!


Lighting –


Lighting doesn’t have to cost you a thing! It’s all about where you place the light source. Try and shoot in well-lit areas, with your subject facing the light source. As a sometimes presenter I know this can make for the ‘squints’ but it means your face isn’t in the dark, and is easier to focus on. If your subject is ‘backlit’, so the light source is behind them – they will end up in a silhouette and you won’t be able to see their face.

You can manually set the exposure on your phone. Hold your finger over the subject and wait for the AE/AF message to pop up. When it does you can adjust the brightness by moving your finger up and down on the sun icon until you are happy.

If you need an artificial light source you can always face a desk lamp towards the subject. However, an even easier trick is this Chatlight. It clips onto your phone and the light adjusts to where you want it directed. Easy.


In just a few extra steps and you can have much more professional looking videos from your smart phone.

It’s simple and all about just getting used to creating your own videos. You can be fun, creative and find different ways to really resonate with your audience.



About the Author Killafish

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